Carnivoro raw food blends were developed by a New Zealand Zoologist, in keeping with the principles of the ‘Prey Model’ diet. Aside from packaged frames, pieces and pure, green tripe, you will not find just one protein source in the Carnivoro range as with some raw pet foods. This is important because pets cannot get the nutrients they need from single protein sources alone.

The Prey Model Diet is also known as Evolutionary Nutrition and recently has become popular in people following the Paleo Diet philosophy. With animals, the Prey Diet just makes sense. We know that our cats and dogs have been domesticated from their wild ancestors who lived purely on a diet of whole prey animals. This included a mixture of muscle meat, bone, organs, stomach lining (tripe) and stomach contents of the prey.

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The Ideal Dog Prey Diet: 

 55% Muscle Meat 
25% Green Tripe 
10% Bone 
10% Organs (of this 10%, 50% can be liver. The other 50% should contain kidney, spleen and other secreting organs you can find. Remember, the heart is a muscle, not an organ). 

The Ideal Cat Prey Diet: 
70% Meat (beside boneless muscle meat, this should include some fat, skin, sinew, cartilage, tendons and any other soft connective tissue, etc.) 
10% Green Tripe 
10% Edible Bone 
10% Organs (with half that amount being liver).

Feeding by Pet Preference can make us humans feel that we are being kind to our pets; of course a dog fed purely on Scotch Fillet steak or a cat fed on Salmon may seem very happy and end up refusing other foods. Long term, this is detrimental to their health, wellbeing and vitality, just as it would be to humans if we ate just one food source all the time. Cats, in particular have a very loyal palate and changing their diet for the better may not be straight forward. Perseverance will pay off and the health benefits will pay dividends.

The Carnivoro, boutique butchery in Te Aroha uses human grade equipment and are M.P.I licensed and audited as a Primary Processor. Every single pack of Carnivoro you buy is fully traceable to source. As a primary processor they are responsible for running a Risk Management plan to ensure all game animals are sourced by their own licensed, professional hunters from confirmed, poison free areas only.

Carnivoro doesn’t: 
Use fillers
Sell game meat that is mostly organ meat
Buy in pre-packaged product
Use preservatives, even ones they don’t need to declare
Use trapped game, only shot (for animal welfare and food safety reasons)

Carnivoro does:
Use simple cuts and blends mad from whole game animal and steaks
Process by hand, vacuum pack, label and freeze. Simple and good!
Follow the Prey Diet model
Use eco-friendly packaging with convenient, tear off, blister packed portions and easy peel seals (no need to touch the food)