Addiction has a range of quality dry foods, treats and dehydrated raw food blends. Premium proteins and game meats are humanely and sustainably sourced from NZ and manufactured in a purpose built plant in the Bay of Plenty. Since 2002, Addiction food has been exported to the US and has gained accolades awarded by the Whole Dog Journal. In 2008, Addiction products became available to discerning New Zealand pet lovers.

Many pet foods do not provide pets with the nutrition they need. They may contain high levels of unhealthy fats, by-products and additives. Revolutionizing pet foods with a range that is inspired by our cats’ and dogs’ natural diets, Addiction food recipes start with premium proteins and wild game meats that are naturally hypo-allergenic and rich in highly digestible nutrients.

Vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds are included in the recipes to intensify the flavour and wholesomeness. Not only does this create a highly nutritious food but a food that is highly palatable (hence the brand name ‘Addiction’). Most significantly, pets that were regularly fed Addiction have shown a significant improvement in skin and coat health and had a greater overall vitality.

The premium proteins and game meats used in Addiction are free-range Venison, Salmon, Kangaroo and Brush-tail Possum as well as NZ Lamb and free-range Chicken. Addiction is the first pet food company to pioneer the use of eco-friendly meats in their efforts to contribute to eco-sustainability. They source only from suppliers that employ sustainable and ethical practices, in line with their eco-friendly philosophy.

Addiction Pet is proud to announce that we have been selected for the 2015 Dog Food list. This list of only 25 brands selected from thousands of international foods recognizes only the best pet foods based on a stringent review of ingredients, food safety and quality. In addition to, our foods have been given the stamp of approval by the Whole Dog Journal and Dog Food Advisor, making us one of only a handful of brands with recognition from all three pet food authorities. We are both humbled and proud that our customers and industry have recognized our commitment to produce the most nutritious and health-giving pet foods in the world.


Addiction is proud to be a major sponsor of HUHA (Helping U Help Animals Trust).