Paw Service

Paw Service is a personalised, in-home pet feeding and care service.

Have peace of mind when going away, with the reassurance that your fur babies (or fin and feathered babies) are being well cared for whilst you are away. Not only will they be fed and cuddled, but their well-being will be monitored so that in the unlikely event that a health problem arises, a prompt and appropriate response can be made.

If your pets have special requirements such as medicating (pills, drops, ointments or insulin), I have ten years of Veterinary Nursing experience so am able to confidently perform these tasks.

Home security can be of concern whilst you are away so daily visits, having your mail collected, curtains opened and closed and having visual evidence of regular attendances to your valuable property will lessen the chance of it being a target for thieves.

Returning home from holiday to find droopy plants will be a thing of the past as we will water your plants for you too. 

Paw Service also looks after lifestyle blocks with hooved animals, and all manner of small and exotic animals.  We can cater to your individual requirements.

Pets love to stay at home!  Now they can with the genuine care of Paw Service.

Prices start from $20 per visit.  Please enquire for a quote depending on your individual requirements. Have a look at our testimonial's page to see what others thought of our service.